The Tsar and I

During the night of the 16th-17th July 1918 the deposed Romanov Tsar, Nikolai Aleksandrovich, his wife the Tsarina, Alexandra Fyodorovna and his five children were murdered by Bolsheviks. The whereabouts of their remains were a mystery until DNA extracted from bodies discovered in 1979 was analysed and shown to be from the murdered Romanovs. However two of the children were missing, the Tsarevich and his sister Anastasia. In 2008 two more bodies were discovered nearby and these were shown to be those of the missing children. ​

  • Tsar Nicholas II and his family

The DNA match was made through the Tsarina's great-nephew, the Duke of Edinburgh who had inherited the same mitochondrial DNA from their common ancestor Queen Victoria.

​I discovered that I was also a relative of the Tsar with a closely matching DNA sequence, sadly not close enough to claim share of the Romanov fortune.